Ruben Silva

Computer Engineering Student

Cisco CCNA Student


Started Cisco CCNA Certification (ISEP ACADEMY)

Started Computer Engineering Graduation (ISEP)

About Me

Currently, I am a student in the area of Computer Engineering and CCNA Student at ISEP in Porto, Portugal

Cisco - Cybersecurity Essentials

What I have learned:

  • Understand security controls for networks, servers, and applications.
  • Learn from key security principals and how to develop compliant policies.
  • Implement appropriate procedures for data availability and secrecy.
  • Develop critical thinking and professional problem-solving skills using real-world equipment and the Cisco Packet Tracer.

Cisco - Introduction to IoT

What I have learned:

  • Learn how the current digital transformation is creating unprecedented economic opportunity.
  • Understand how the IoT is bridging the gap between operational and information technology systems.
  • Discover how standard business processes are being transformed.
  • The security concerns that must be considered when implementing IoT solutions.

NDG Linux Unhatched

What I have learned:

  • Basic installation and configuration of Linux software.
  • Understand the basics of the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Interact with, and become familiar with the Linux virtual machine.
  • Determine if Linux is for you or not.